Process Engineer

Estado: Ar Riyad
Categoria: oil & gas
Our client is a TOP global Oil&Gas Player, we are seeking a Process engineer - Gasification
  • Familiar with Membrane Unit, Membrane Permeate Section, and PSA Units of HYDROGEN RECOVERY UNIT.
  • Familiar with systems associated to HCN / COS Hydrolysis Unit, Methanol Absorber Section, Flash Gas Section, Regeneration Section, Solvent drain, make-up and storage of Acid Gas Removal Unit.
  • Familiar with Gasification process, Soot Ash Removal Unit and Sour Water Stripper Unit.
  • Familiar with Key Gasification Equipment performance monitoring and troubleshooting considering industrial lesson learned, best practices and plant design.
  • Familiar with Oxygen System safe operations and required safe guards for associated risk. 
  • Have the ability, skills and knowledge to optimize plant performance from safety, reliability, economic and environmental aspects for Gasification, Soot Ash Removal, Acid Gas Removal, Sour Water Stripper and Hydrogen.


  • Chemical engineer with 12-15+ yrs. of Experience in Gasification processes.

Id ZR_709_JOB