Principal Consultant Deployment and Development

Multinational Company looking for a Consultant to work with Learning and Competence Development.
Estado: Rio de Janeiro
Categoria: oil & gas

This position is to work with Learning and Competence Development as part of the LBS HR Services organization in Brazil, focusing on providing learning advices, translating competence strategy into learning paths, implementing and following-up competence assurance system contemplating the different BAs with presence in the country.


Main activities are:

  • Advise on the implementation of learning strategy and best practices;
  • High level design of local learning programs in alignment with local vendors ;
  • Identify and secure implementation of relevant learning activities in Brazil according to Brazil learning needs analysis and competence strategy;
  • Coordinate, implement and follow-up learning events and activity plan in collaboration with academy / portfolio responsible and local vendors;
  • Coordinate and advise the development of e-learnings and digital modules;
  • Coordinate learning administrative tasks in close cooperation with GBS HR LCD;
  • Secure strong follow up of mandatory training according to local legislation and requirements
  • Secure implementation of operational leadership and development programs;
  • Promote and communicate learning activities available;
  • Facilitate the implementation of Competence Assurance System (CAMS) in Brazil, securing the integrity and quality of it in alignment with local legislation and GBS HR LCD;
  • Ensure integrity of CAMS (when implemented) and support competence management in the local organisation, including reporting and inputs to audits;
  • Management of local vendors of learning activities and competence assurance;
  • Standardize and implement global processes in Brazil.



  • Solid experience in strategic learning and competence development preferably from international companies with operation offshore;
  • Good understanding of regulatory training requirements;
  • Project management skills;
  • Master or Bachelor degree;
  • Proficient verbal and written English communication skills;
  • Digital mindset and capabilities;
  • Demonstrated ability to operate in rapidly changing and complex work environment;
  • Experience in vendor and international stakeholder management;
  • Relevant experience may compensate for formal qualifications;

Id ZR_1099_JOB