HSE Regulatory Compliance Analyst

OPORTUNIDADE! HSE Regulatory Compliance Analyst Buscamos profissional capacitado, com inglês avançado para atuação em Major IOC.
Estado: Rio de Janeiro
Categoria: oil & gas

• Oversee and provide guidance for Company regulatory activities that result in proactive development and responsive legal compliance and permitting.
• Assist in supporting multiple exploration and future development programs.
• Facilitate coordination between the different people and processes.
• Assist in developing and executing engagement strategy with government and technical experts.
• Develop, coordinate and implement the project’s Regulatory Compliance Plan
• Oversee the preparation and stewardship of permit/authorization/license applications and compliance plans – where appropriate, interface with and coordinate activities with the existing staff, management and other business lines.
• Prepare internal and regulatory compliance stewardship reports, as well external reports required to satisfy government requirements / requests.
• Ensures adequate and regular information about laws, resolutions to be implemented for each part of the business.
• Promote cross function approach in issues management.
• Participates in industry working groups and government interactions as needed regarding environmental and socioeconomic matters.
• Provides support and participate in assessments, hearings with regulators or the public, drills, or the preparation of response plans.
• Prepares compliance interpretation documents for regulatory and other requirements and work with contractors to ensure the development of appropriate and acceptable plans (eg. Waste management, discharge control, technology applications, lab testing, data reporting etc) • Coordinate routine environmental and socioeconomic regulatory compliance activities and /or executed activity / project compliance plans / performance monitoring activities. 
Mantain contact with IBAMA, ANP Environmental Agencies, etc

Id ZR_1153_JOB