Site Security Advisor

Great Opportunity for Security Site Advisor in major IOC
Estado: Rio de Janeiro
Categoria: oil & gas
Great Opportunity in Major IOC Company.

Local Site Security

Main Responsibilities

* Liaise with local police and other local emergency / public safety authorities in consultation with Global Security Advisor.
* Responsible for monitoring and executing the security program for local affiliate employees, expatriates and visitors.
* Assists the Global Security Advisor on Executive Protection Program activities, as directed Supports in-country journey management plans; conducts and updates national road security surveys.
* Assists Global Security Advisor on security investigations as needed.
* Delivers appropriate security awareness training for all visitors / employees / contractors at site. 
* Assists in ensuring compliance with local regulatory requirements on private security services.
* Acts as point of contact to deploy and properly maintain physical and technical security countermeasures at sites and expat residences.
* Coordinates support for conduct of Security Risk Assessment and Security Survey logistics and follow-up in conjunction with Global Security Advisor.
* Reports threat information to Business Line Site Management and Global Security Advisor, as appropriate. 
* Acts as point of contact for Facility / Project communication of intelligence and alerts with appropriate dissemination to Facility / Project leadership, employees and/or contractors. 
* Promptly notifies Global Security Advisor of any incident which may require investigations. 
* Coordinates security incident reporting and lessons learned sharing. 
* Acts as security point of contact with direct report to site/project management. 
* Verifies security countermeasures are consistent with escalating threat condition requirements per the site’s Temporary Threat Escalation matrix.
* Develops and executes the Facility / Project Site Security Activity Plan. 
* Develops and oversees site specific input into site and/or Businesses Line security plans. 
* Supports integration of security management into Company System.
* Maintains active working relationship with Global Security Advisor. 
* Participates in Global Security Site Security Contact workshops and training. 
* Provides advice to Emergency Preparedness & Response Coordinator(s) on security scenarios and responses in coordination with Global Security Advisor.


* At Least 5-10 years’ security experience in law enforcement, military or related private jobs.
* Should be familiar with all aspects of Private Security Services in-country.
* Demonstrated experience in providing security advice.
* Working knowledge of technical security systems and hardware. 
* Commitment to safe and responsible operations.
* Must be able to build consensus among divergent stakeholders. 
* Must be able to balance fluctuating priorities.
* Must be able to work effectively with day-to-day supervision. 
* Strong communication and negotiation skills.
* English.

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